2021-2022 AES NEWS

September 18, 2021


Mahalo to our amazing parent group for sponsoring another Kaimuki Kau Kau Event yesterday.  Thank you to everyone who came out to support our FOA.  Funds raised by the FOA supports our students and teachers. 



Here is a great resource if you need extra support.  Child & Family Service Flyer



If you have a child with a disability, there is an upcoming conference on October 23, 2021. SPIN Conference Flyer



Kaimuki High School Flyer

Jarrett Middle School Flyer

Blaisdell Center



October 11-15, 2021 Fall Break

November 2-8, 2021 Parent Teacher Conference

November 11, 2021 Veteran’s Day

November 25-26, 2021 Thanksgiving

December 20 - January 3, 2022 Christmas Break


“Kindness and politeness are not underrated at all.  They’re underused.” Tommy Lee Jones

September 13, 2021


For preschool parents, you will still be able to walk your child to the classroom since your child needs your support in getting to the room.  However, you must not stay on campus longer than 10 minutes.  If you will be taking more than 10 minutes on a regular basis, you will have to provide us with one of the documents listed in the flyer.


For kindergarten parents, for the rest of this week you will be able to walk your child to the classroom.  However, you will not be allowed to stay on campus for more than 10 minutes.  We will have someone outside the classrooms supervising your child, so you do not have to wait until the classroom doors opens.  Starting next week, we ask that you drop your child off in the 6th Avenue parking lot and allow your child to walk to the classroom on their own.  We will provide supervision to ensure they either get to the cafeteria to eat breakfast or go to the classroom. If you have a child that has special circumstances, please contact the office at 733-4750.

For everyone else, if you will be coming on campus for more than 10 minutes, please check in at the office and be ready to provide documentation of either your vaccination card or negative covid test.  If you do not have to come to school for official business, please kindly stay off campus.  

During drop off and pick up times, please stay outside of the fence (except for preschool parents). If you park in our lots, please stay in/near your vehicle.  We want to limit the amount of people congregating near the pick up areas.  

We will do our best to schedule all meetings with parents virtually, however, if you want to meet in person, you will have to provide us with the appropriate documentation so that we are in compliance with the Governor's Executive Order.

COVID-19 Requirements for Visiting Hawaii State Department of Education Schools and Offices



On a happier note, this Friday our FOA is sponsoring another Kaimuki Kau Kau event from 5:00-9:00pm.  If you have some time this Friday night, please stop on by.  The food is good, and money raised from this event helps support our students and teachers.  For this event, we will also be checking for a vaccination card or negative covid test.

September 10, 2021


Many people have been asking how Governor Ige’s Executive Order will impact schools.  As of today, we have not received guidance from the DOE on how this will change what we do.  If we have to enforce this mandate on school campuses, this would mean that visitors will have to show documentation of being fully vaccinated or having a negative covid test. When more information becomes available, I will make sure to let you know.



Currently, we are only allowing our Pre-K and Kindergarten parents to come on campus to drop off and pick up their children. If your child is in 1 grade or above, please wait in your vehicle or stay behind the fence when picking up your child.  Masks are required if you have to come on campus.


Please see attached letter regarding another COVID case.  As a reminder, please do a Daily Wellness Check with your child everyday before coming to school.  Here is a video regarding the wellness check.  https://vimeo.com/496812272


There are two steps to this wellness check

  1. Check for symptoms of illness, which include: fever, headache, nausea, vomiting, recent loss of taste or smell, chills, cough, sore throat, fatigue, shortness of breath, congestion/runny nose, body aches, and/or diarrhea.  If your child has any of the symptoms, please do not send them to school.


  1. Check for any covid exposure.  If your child recently tested positive for covid, has been around anyone that is a close contact and is awaiting a covid test result, has been in contact with someone who has tested positive, has been self quarantining due to covid exposure, or living with someone who has tested positive, please keep your child home.  


If your child is not able to come to school because of any of the reasons listed above, please contact our Health Aide, Mrs. Yamada, at 733-4750 and she will inform you of the next steps.


Please see flyer for free covid testing available to our students and staff.


*9/17/21 We will be serving Chicken Tenders instead of Asian Chicken


October 11-15, 2021 Fall Break

November 2-8, 2021 Parent Teacher Conference

November 11, 2021 Veteran’s Day

November 25-26, 2021 Thanksgiving

December 20 - January 3, 2022 Christmas Break


“How do we change the world? One random act of kindness at a time.”  Morgan Freeman

August 29, 2021


Starting tomorrow we will start a new lunch schedule.

PreK, Kindergarten & Grade 1: 11:05 - 11:35

Grades 2 & 3: 11:40 - 12:10

Grades 4 & 5: 12:15 - 12:45


Goodwill has a container on our campus near the 7th Avenue parking lot. Hours of operation are 9:00-5:00pm, 7 days a week.


Jarrett Middle School is partnering with Waikiki Health to provide services a couple days a week on their campus. See flyer.

August 19, 2021


Thank you very much for coming at the designated time to pick up your child. While things have gotten better, we still want to be mindful of keeping 6th and 7th Avenue flowing.  In order to do this, if your child is released late from class, we kindly ask that you do not wait in the lot unless you’re in a parking stall.  If not, please go around the block and come back so we keep traffic moving.  Thank you very much for your support.


The Friends of Ali’iolani (FOA) will be hosting another Kaimuki Kau Kau event tomorrow from 5:00-9:00pm.  Even though it is a holiday, we hope you will be able to come out and enjoy the good food.  The FOA will be hosting a booth selling drinks as well as signing up new members.  Come on out!



Monday is picture taking day.  Say cheese!



Tuesday - wear blue

Wednesday - wear purple

Thursday - wear rainbow colors


After looking at the results from the survey, 74% of parents and staff were comfortable with having after school programs, while 26% were not.  Since the majority are comfortable with this, we will start to offer a few after school programs.  We will start one at a time, and only offer the program to a limited number of students.  The first program we will offer will be Robotics. Next week we will start sending home permission slips to gr 4 students. If this goes smoothly, we will offer Robotics to more grade levels, but limiting it to a small number of students.  Later, we hope to offer more programs like Japanese Club, Rainbow Art, Mentoring, and STEM Cars.  We will keep you posted.


For those that weren’t able to make it to Open House, below is a link to a slide show that was shown on Wednesday.  There is one more slide included regarding Title 1, which is federal funding we receive that helps us support our students. 

View Slide Show


Due to shortages from our supplier, our awesome cafeteria staff has been working hard by making the adjustments and changes to ensure our students have enough food for breakfast and lunch.

Here are the upcoming changes:


8/23 - Cereal

8/24 - Mini Pancakes


8/23 - Mac and Cheese

8/27 - Cheeseburger


“Kind words will unlock an iron door.”  Turkish Proverb

August 12, 2021


We will be having a virtual Open House on August 18 (Wednesday) from 2:00-3:00pm.  Each teacher will be hosting two sessions - one from 2:00-2:25pm, and the second from 2:30-2:55pm.  You only have to attend one session.  The teacher will be telling you a little bit about themselves, their expectations, what a day at school looks like, and some other helpful information.  If you do not have a device at home and want to attend this event, please let me know.  Your child's teacher will be sending you a link to their Open House sessions prior to August 18, 2021. 


Below is a survey regarding After School Clubs/Activities.  We want to know if you would be comfortable with your child participating in an after school activity?  Although we are allowed to have these activities, we want to know how you feel.  We value your input and we also want to include you in the decisions we make at school.  If most of you do not feel comfortable with these after school activities, we will not start them up yet.  On the other hand, if most of you feel comfortable, then we will slowly start up these programs.  Please understand we will do our best to follow all the safety protocols; however, because of this, we may have to limit the amount of students that will be able to participate.


Take Survey



Things are getting a little better, but we still need your help in making things go even more efficiently.  Since we have vehicles blocking both 6th and 7th Avenue during pick up times, and there have been some close calls in terms of collisions, we want to make a few adjustments.  .

Starting on Monday (8/16), especially since our Kindergarten students will all be in session, we are asking if you can help us with the following:

     a) If you're unable to pull into the parking lots because there are too many vehicles, please continue to drive around the block and come back when you are able to pull into the lot


     b) All students will be released from school at the same time, however we want to stagger the pick up times to make things move more efficiently.  Here are the pick up times:

          6th Avenue Parking Lot - Kindergarten - Pick up time 2:15pm

                                                      1st Grade      - Pick up time 2:20pm

                                                      2nd Grade    - Pick up time 2:25pm


         7th Avenue Parking Lot - 3rd Grade   - Pick up time 2:15pm

                                                 4th Grade      - Pick up time 2:20pm

                                                 5th Grade      - Pick up time 2:25pm

If you have children in various grade levels, you may pick them up at the pick up time most convenient for you.  You may come after your designated pick up time, just do your best not to come before. For students that are not picked up by 2:30pm - they will be escorted to wait under the big tree near 7th Avenue. For those parents that come after 2:30pm, please come to the 7th Avenue lot to pick up your child.



This will be on August 23, 2021.  More information will be sent home with your child very shortly.  

For DL students, this information will be emailed to you.


8/16 For lunch there will be Cheese Pizza instead of Cheese Bites


“You can always, always, give kindness.”  Anne Frank

August 6, 2021


Currently the program is unable to accommodate more students, but they are still taking registrations to put on a waiting list.  They will be contacting those on the waiting list when space becomes available.


For all grades except Kindergarten, Open House will be on Wednesday, August 18, 2021, from 2:00-3:00pm  This will be a virtual event for safety reasons.  More details will be sent out next week.  Please mark this date on your calendars. 


Kindergarten will not be participating in this Open House since they had their orientation yesterday.


Thank you to Safeway (Kapahulu) for donating enough sanitizer for us to provide a small bottle for each student, as well as for classroom use.  This is really appreciated, especially since we have the students sanitizing their hands frequently throughout the day.


Thank you to everyone who came out yesterday to support McTeacher Night.  Your support helps the FOA support Ali’iolani with funding for classroom supplies, air conditioners, busing for excursions, and other school wide events.  Mahalo!


August Breakfast & Lunch Menu


The parking lots are very crowded when students are released from school;  however, if you come @10 minutes later (2:25pm on Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri and 1:10pm on Wed) most of the vehicles have cleared out.

Please drive with Aloha, especially around our students.  Thank you for your patience and support.


“Kindness is loaning someone your strength instead of reminding them of their weakness” Anonymous

July 30, 2021


Students first day of school is August 3, 2021 for preschool and grades 1-5.  For kindergarteners, they will not be reporting on August 3.  Your child’s teacher will be informing you of your child’s schedule, if they have not done so already.


On August 3rd only parents with a child in the lower grade levels preschool or 1st grade will be allowed to walk your child to their classroom.  Please do not enter the classroom to ensure social distancing.  For students in grades 2-5, please allow your child to walk to their classroom on their own.  If your child requires special assistance, please let a staff member know so we can ensure to provide them with the support they need. 


For all students except Kindergarten students, please have your child bring their classroom supplies on August 3rd.  If your child is not able to bring supplies on the first day for whatever reason, please let us know because we had a lot of supplies donated to us during the Craft Fair Supply Drive held earlier this month.


Location of classrooms:  

Preschool and Kindergarteners are located in B Building

Grades 1 and 2 are located in F Building

Grades 3-5 are located in A Building


Safety Protocols:

We will follow the same protocols as last year

  • When students arrive on campus we will take their temperature and they will sanitize their hands

  • Everyone on campus must wear a mask

  • Students must be 6 feet apart from others while waiting to enter class

  • Students will wash/sanitize their hands as the enter and exit the classrooms

  • Classrooms, restrooms, and frequently touched surfaces will be sanitized at least once a day


View welcome letter


The class lists for grades 1-5 will continue to be posted this coming week and will be located outside of the office from 8:00am-3:00pm Monday-Friday.  For Kindergarten students, your child’s teacher will be contacting you and giving you all the classroom information.


The Friends of Ali’iolani will be hosting a McTeacher Night on August 5th from 4:00-7:00pm.  A flier with more information will be sent home with your child on the first day of school.


Information about this coming school year can be found in our school handbook.


Here are a couple of reminders regarding drop off and pick up in the parking lots:

  • Be patient

  • Drive slowly

  • Pull all the way forward

  • Do not leave your vehicle unattended, especially with the motor running

  • Be considerate of other drivers

  • Pull to the side if your child needs extra times to get in and out of vehicle so others can pass

  • Be kind


“Kindness is free to give but priceless to receive.”  RAKtivist

August 3, 2021


For those picking up your child in a vehicle in the afternoons, if you could write your child's first and last name along with their grade on a piece of paper and put it on your dashboard when you enter the parking lot, that would be very helpful.  This will help us to call your child to the parking lot without you having to roll down your window, and will hopefully expedite the pick up process.


Please be patient these first couple of days because the pick up process will take a little time. 


Just a reminder:

Pick Up

Preschool - Grade 2 will be in the 6th Avenue parking lot

Grades 3-5 will be in the 7th Avenue Parking lot


Thank you for your support.

July 23, 2021


The class lists for grades 1-5 will be posted this coming week and will be located outside of the office from 8:00am-3:00pm Monday-Friday.  For Kindergarten students, your child’s teacher will contact you and give you all the classroom information once all the enrollment and testing has been completed.    


The Friends of Ali’iolani will be hosting another McTeacher Night on August 5th from 4:00-7:00pm.  A flyer with more information will be sent home with your child prior to this event.


We are offering Distance Learning (DL) on a very limited basis.  Since all students are expected back on campus this year, our teachers will be supporting all the students in the classrooms. Therefore, we will only be able to support a limited number of students with DL. Although there will be a teacher that will provide a grade, there must be an adult at home that will provide main facilitation/support (asynchronous only).  To determine if your child will qualify, you must meet with Mr. Hosoda.  Qualifications will be made on a case-by-case basis looking at various factors, which may impact your child’s learning. For more information, call 733-4750.

Quote of the Week: “Kindness is showing someone they matter." Anonymous

July 16, 2021


Tonight the Friends of Ali’iolani (FOA) is sponsoring another Food and Craft Event at school from 5:00-9:00pm.  The FOA will have their own booth selling drinks, Infinity Cubes, and Pop Its.  

Please come on out and have some fun.  This is a great way to start the weekend!


According to the DOE website below, all public school students will be receiving free breakfast and lunch this school year.  Please see this article for more details.

Although all public school students will receive free meals, we still need everyone to complete the Free/Reduced Meal Benefits application online using the EZMealApp mobile app or EZMEALApp.com  By completing this application, this may help Ali’iolani receive extra funding, and may provide extra supports directly to those who qualify.  Please help us out by completing this application.  Mahalo.


Please see link below for information about this coming school year.  This handbook has information about the school schedule, release times, safety guidelines, etc.  The webex below will be to go over the information in the Handbook and to answer any questions you may have regarding this upcoming school year. 

2021-2022 Handbook for Students and Parents


Next Thursday we will be hosting a webex at 2:00pm to go over information about this coming school year.  Most of the information will coming directly from the School Handbook. 

Webex Link


The first day of school for students (except Kindergartners) is Tuesday, August, 3, 2021.  For Kindergarten parents, you should have received your child’s schedule in the mail.  If you didn’t, please call the office so we can get this information to you.  733-4750


The A+ after school program will begin on the first day of school for students, which is August 3, 2021.  For Kindergarten students, the first day of A+ will be 8/16/21.

In terms of the Before School Program (BSP), currently there aren’t enough students to meet this program’s minimum requirement so this one is on hold until more students sign up.  We will keep you informed regarding any updates about the BSP.

Quote of the Week: "Kindness is the ability to speak with love, listen with patience, and act with compassion.” RAKtivist