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Absences: A student will be marked absent if s/he does not show up for class/school for the entire day; or if the student shows up on time but leaves before 11:00am; or if the student shows up for class/school after 11:00am.


Tardies will be different during distance learning.  Since some students may have technology or other logistical issues, this may impact a student's ability to login on time.  We will be flexible and understanding if a student is a little late to a session/class; however, a student will be marked tardy if s/he is significantly late to a session/class and/or this becomes a chronic problem. 


Please see our action steps below to address attendance concerns:

After 3 absences/tardies within a semester, we will send you a notification 

After 7 absences/tardies within the school year, a 2nd notification will be sent to you

After 10 absences/tardies within the school year, a meeting will be scheduled with you to address this matter

After 15+ absences - School may file an educational neglect petition with Family Court if student's attendance does not improve


Please communicate with your child's teacher beforehand if your child will be absent or tardy.  When we resume with in person learning, please call the office to report an absence/tardy.


If you have any questions, please call 733-4750.

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